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Uyanik iPhone
  • iOS 5.0 or Later Required


  • Live TV Streaming
    • Watch selection of TV channels from Turkey
  • Digital Video Recording
    • First Live DVR TV app on the App Store
    • Pause/Rewind Live TV
    • Replay programs broadcast last 24hrs
  • TV Guide
    • On Screen TV Guide
    • Play selected TV program
  • Miscellaneous
    • TV-Out support
    • AirPlay support


Uyanik TV is the first app in the App Store providing Live DVR TV service. It has a distinguished capability to replay TV programs broadcasted in last 24 hrs. You can pause and then resume the broadcast from where you left. In addition to that, an on-screen TV guide spanning 48hrs is provided for each supported channel. You can select a program from the TV guide and immediately start watching it. Since this is a trial project, a limited number of Turkish channels are supported for the time being. In the near future, more channels from Turkey and all over the world will be added.

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Tap on the screen to display the controls shown here.

  • Tap the pause button to pause TV broadcast
  • Tap the play button to resume TV broadcast.
  • Tap the forward/rewind button to forward/rewind the program one minute. These buttons are intended for fine tuning.
  • Tap the scale button to toggle between filling the entire screen with video and fitting the video to the screen.
  • Drag the playhead along the scrubber bar to watch a program at a specific time.
  • Tap Live button to fast-forward to live broadcast
  • Tap the TV button for on-screen TV guide

Download Menu

TV Guide

Shows TV guide for the channel being watched. The TV guide spans both previous and current day. Tap on a program to start watching. The current live program is shown in green colour.

Need Support for Uyanik TV? Read the FAQs and send us a support question.