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Basic Troubleshooting

  1. Restart your the app.
    Open the task switcher by hitting the Home button twice, and then hold down on the app you want to quit until it starts jiggling. A red “-” should appear on the corner of the app icon. If you press it, it will quit the app.
  2. Restart the device.
    A lot of problems are easily resolved by simply restarting your iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad. If you are having problems with Makersoft apps, please try this step first.
  3. Redownload and Reinstall the Application.
    If restarting doesn’t help, you may want to try re-downloading the application and installing it again. If you want to remove the application from your device first, just be aware that removing an application will delete application data for good.
  4. Quit a frozen app.
    Simply hold the Home button when in the app for about 6 seconds to kill the app.
Help Team

Do you need help with Makersoft apps? Find tips and FAQs in the support pages. Our Help Team is also here to provide technical assistance.

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