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Maxi iPhone
  • iOS 4.0 or Later Required


  • Web Browser
    • Integrated Safari web browser
    • Both Desktop and Mobile browsing
    • Bookmark manager
    • History support
  • Download Manager
    • Unlimited download
    • Downloads multiple files simultaneously
    • Background downloading
    • Pause and resume downloads
    • Displays download speed and size
    • Tap and hold on a file link to start downloading
    • Recognises downloadable links and pops up download options once a link is clicked on
  • File Manager
    • Move, rename and delete files
    • Create, move, rename and delete folders
    • Unzip ZIP files
    • Full screen document viewer
    • Send downloaded files as email attachments
    • Save images to Photos album
    • Save videos to Camera Roll
    • Save documents to iBooks
  • Supported File Formats
    • Music files (mp3, aac, wav etc.)
    • Video files (flv, avi, mov, mp4 etc.)
    • Images (jpg, png, gif)
    • Documents (pdf, doc, xls)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Transfer files to and from computer
    • Open and save email attachments from the Mail app (hold on the email attachment for about 2 seconds)
    • TV-Out support
    • AirPlay support (iOS 4.3 and later)

This application uses FFMPEG. More information will be published here soon.


Maxi Downloader is a powerful download manager to download files on iPhone or iPod Touch devices. Downloaded files can be viewed/played/managed on your device without leaving the app. Maxi Downloader has been designed after a careful analysis of existing download manager applications in oder to bring some amazing features together in one app.

Downloadable files are recognized automatically by Maxi Downloader while surfing on the Internet. If a link clicked by user is a downloadable file then a download menu is popped up. You can either start downloading or continue to open the link.

Download Menu

How to start download

There are two ways to start a download in Maxi Downloader.

  • Tap & Hold: Tap and hold on a video, an image or a file link to download it.
  • Just Click: Just surf on the Internet as usual. Maxi Downloader will notify you if a clicked link is a downloadable file.

Download Menu

Transfer files

Downloaded files can be transfered between your mobile device and computer via iTunes. You can put existing music / video files / documents into Maxi Downloader to use them on the go. Note that Maxi Downloader supports video & audio formats which are not supported by iOS natively such as flv and avi.

Download Menu

File Manager

Maxi Downloader provides an in-app file manager with the follwoing capabilities:

  • Delete, rename or move files
  • Create, rename, move or delete folders
  • Copy files to the system libraries such as Photos or iBooks
  • Send multiples files as email attachments to share with your friends
  • Play music and video files. View documents. Unzip ZIP files.

Download Menu

Email attachments

Email attachments not supported by iOS can be opened and played with Maxi Downloader. Hold down the email attachment in the Mail app for about three seconds. A pop-up asking Open in Maxi D/L will appear. Select the option and play/view or save your file in Maxi Downloader.

Download Menu

Download Manager

You can pause, resume or cancel on-going downloads by using the download manager. Maxi Downloader also reports the original and downloaded file size and download spead.

Having started downloads you can use other applications on your device. Downloads will continue on the background.

Download Menu


If Desktop Web Viewstrong> is on the integrated browser will display web pages like the browesers on PC.

With Remember History you can start/stop recording browsing history.

You can also manage sound and vibration notifications raised for the downloads being completed.

Need Support for Maxi Downloader? Read the FAQs and send us a support question.